What is SEO? We Should Do SEO To Increase Website Traffic

What is SEO? We Should Do SEO To Increase Website Traffic?

What is SEO? We Should Do SEO To Increase Website Traffic?

What is SEO ?

What is SEO. SEO means Search engine optimization. Meanly we should do SEO for increase website traffic and bring our website in Google first page. To get a lot of visitors and bring our website in Google first page we have to do SEO. By doing SEO we can make our website popular and attractive. As for an example.

Suppose, you started a new product selling. So, you need a lot of vendors to make a successful business. If vendors don’t have any good idea about your product. Why they would use your product and what is the benefit of your product they don’t know. In that case you will not get success in your business. Moreover it can that your vendor knows about your product well but they don’t know where they will get it. Then you will not success in your business. For that you have to do search engine optimization in your website properly and also give some knowledge about where they will get your product.

So, That’s why we should do SEO. You can do it yourself otherwise you can hire someone who is expert of search engine optimization.

What is SEO? We Should Do SEO To Increase Website Traffic?

What is SEO? We Should Do SEO To Increase Website Traffic?

What is Search Enginee ?

By using search engines every internet user can get there related information. Most of the internet user search there necessary thing in search engine like, and so on. Internet user can get their information from search engine easily that’s search engine it’s so important thing from every internet user.

Why should you do SEO?

By doing SEO you can make your website popular in search engine and you can easily increase website traffic and page rank from that. Search engine e made forget important information easily. To give proper information to net user it’s the main work of Search engines. When we searched in google that we got a lot of related info on google first page. Whose site was in the first page the owner of this site did SEO properly that’s why the website came in first page. If you want to get a lot of visitors then first you have to choose some relevant keyword with your website. Then using this keyword write some unique article and use this keyword in every title and into the content. That is called On page optimization. Beside you need to do off page optimization.

For doing On page optimization properly you can use WordPress blogging search engine optimization by yeast.

Do SEO properly

If you do SEO properly then you can easily get a lot of visitors easily. For that you have to do On page optimization and Off page optimization. Doing this type of work first you need to do keyword research. It’s too important for every website owner. First search some proper keyword then when you will write article that time use this keyword into tile, h1 tag and content.

And for doing Off page search engine optimization you can do Social bookmarking, Blog commenting, Social networking sharing and so. Among them, if you can do a better work in social website then you will get a lot of visitors from this site. I also submit my post on a social site regularly and that’s why i got much visitor from this way. Moreover you can do directory submission, Forum posting, etc.

It can be your career.

If you know SEO well. Then you can bid in the job market place such as Odesk, Freelancer, Elance and so on.

There you will get a lot of work in search engine optimization. Now a day by working this sector you can earn more money. If you don’t have any idea about SEO work then search in google and you can also search on YouTube you will get a lot of tutorial about search engine optimization. Of that increase your SEO knowledge and earn from the marketplace and build up your career.


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