Top 10 iOS Libraries to Simplify your iOS App Development Projects

iOS Libraries to Simplify your iOS App Development Projects

Top 10 iOS Libraries to Simplify your iOS App Development Projects

The powerful influence of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices can be seen by the statistics and the number of apps downloaded each day for different iOS devices. The iOS has gained immense popularity among the developers as it offers awesome opportunities for making money. It helps developers to pour their creativity in apps through a wide range of development tools in the form of XCode, Interface Builder, the Objective-C programming and of course “libraries.”

Being an iOS developer, when you start building iPhone and iPad apps, you may need to carry out a lot of work to get your app developed and running. However, it doesn’t make sense to implement what you want in iOS from scratch every time, and it is not necessary even to reinvent the wheel again and again. Fortunately, there are many libraries available that provides useful functionality and make your life easy.

Top 10 iOS Libraries to Simplify your iOS App Development Projects

Top 10 iOS Libraries to Simplify your iOS App Development Projects

Are you developing an iOS app and looking for a set of libraries that can come in handy? Your search ends here! In this post, we’re going to cover top 10 iOS libraries that developers can use to build innovative apps with great functionality. Of course, you may not need all of them to build your app, but the list contains some of the most useful libraries that will definitely be useful in your current or future projects.

1. MBProgressHUD

This is nothing but a progress indicator library. Of course, Apple applications have a great progress display, but sometimes you may need to interrupt the user with information. This library provides some additional options like visual indicator and a progress completion message. If you wish to integrate it with your app, then it is quite easy as you will have to add just a few files.

2. GCDiscreetNotificationView

If you want to highlight specific information without interrupting the user’s ongoing interactions, then GCDiscreetNotificationView library is all what you need. It will help you display information to the users in a non-intrusive way. It is a simple and elegant library that can be used by the developers without any further detailing.

3. GPUImage

If the app you are developing is all about images and video processing, GPUImage is a great framework to deal with it. It helps you deal with images, video processing or live camera while making it faster. It is faster than Apple’s Core Image and also provides support to the custom filters and IOS 4. However, when it comes to the features, it lacks some of the advanced features that you will find in Core Image, but for most developers, it is a choice worth exploring.

4. RestKit

RestKit is nothing but an Objective-C framework that is intended to simplify and speed up interaction with RESTful web services in iOS. It is developed to cut off the coding and effort for the developers trying to get their app integrated with a REST remote API. Apart from this, this library can also perform some network related tasks, parse the results and map the results into your own customer classes.

5. TestFlight

This is a service that helps you distribute your beta builds to the tester. Its services are quite impressive for the developers: there is no need of iTunes, no need for downloading IPA files, and no more emails with lengthy instruction. All a tester will have to do is to check his/her email and click on the link given in it! This library also allows you to leverage data from crash reports, get the feedback from the testers and even use checkpoints. Apart from all these, it also has some useful APIs.

6. ASIHttpRequest

Are you making CFNetwork requests? If yes, you will have to use this library for sure. Being a developer, you might know that how complex the API network of iPhone can be. This library greatly simplifies network communication by handling every networking task, including POST data, server authentication, uploading files, caching, cookies, synchronous/asynchronous requests and almost anything you can imagine. If you are doing something related to HTTP, this library will make your life a lot smoother for sure!

7. SSZipArchive

This is one of the most amazing libraries developers can use to unzip files within their IOS application. It is based on the ZipArchive and a great library to download a set of files from your server and unzip them to a desired location within a file system. Also, it doesn’t require you to call or into the class.

8. InAppSettingsKit

Of course, Apple has provided a Settings. Bundle format for the developers in order to showcase their app settings within Apple’s own setting app, but what if there is a need to showcase such settings within your app? The IOS developed for that brings unexpected turns and twist, but libraries like InAppSettingsKit make things simpler for you. It empowers you to create pixel for pixel presentation of the Apple Settings app. Also, you can subclass it in order to make it compatible with the look & the feel of your app.

9. Flurry

Want to track your application’s usage and statistics? If yes, this service is your best friend. It brings detailed usage statistics about your application, including how many actual users you have, how actively they’re using your app and from which corner of the world. One of the biggest noticeable features of Flurry is that it allows you to define your own events to track and log errors.

10. ShareKit

Sharing has become a buzz word among the app users. If you wish to let your app users share from within their mobile app to the popular social networking sites, this library is all that you need. It allows the users to share images, texts and even files on all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Tumblr and so on.

Bottom Line
No matter what you want from your app, whether your app is interacting with a web API, visualizing data, loading critical data or utilizing social media, just remember that somewhere, there is bound to be a library for each and every thing you want to accomplish! All you have to do is to spare some time to “google” about it!

As an iPhone developer, how many of these libraries have you used in your apps? Have you tried any of them? If no, this is time to tame your iPhone development by utilizing these libraries in your future ventures!


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