The Latest Google Update For SEO

The Latest Google Update For SEO

The Latest Google Update For SEO

The latest Google Update For SEO. Now a days many websites got banned from Google and lost page rank for daily Google update for SEO. Most of the bloggers to worry about that. If we get free from some mistake in doing SEO then we can keep save our website from Google update. So, for that I’m going to share with you some tips in doing to keep the website free from Google update.

Low quality Content :

Google penguin, panda and other updated by Google on last years doing stern action against low quality content. In present time if you have low quality content in your blog or website then It’s would not see dream to get your website in Google.

Duplicate Content :

Duplicate content is more dangerous from low quality content. If you have duplicate content on your website or blog and if you do a lot off page SEO for your website then you won’t get better position in Google. In that case Goolge can be blacklisted in your site.

Text ineligible to read :

Some blogger writes articles with some mistake and they follow some article and customize it and then try to create it’s unique but they do it’s not properly that’s why the article don’t have any write meaning. You should remember that if you write articles with some mistake and that’s way then you have no profit by doing that. Because which content visitor don’t like google also reject this article.

Use same title and same meta description in all pages :

If you have the same title and same meta description on your website then your web or blog can easily go penalty from Google.

A lot of ads on your site but poor content :

After updating Google panda if you have poor content and a lot of ads on your website then your website can get a penalty.

The Latest Google Update For SEO

The Latest Google Update For SEO

Use again and again same anchor text :

IF you create in everywhere in your content same anchor text then Google won’t see your website in good eye. That means it can be stay “ making money “ everywhere in your website but if you use making money as anchor text and keyword in your text again and again then Google can be banned in your website.

Doing lots of link exchange :

Many blogger or SEO worker love link exchange in SEO work. It has a lot benefit but if you do it a lot then it have not good for a website and its result will be banned from google.

Keyword Staffing :

The oldest work in SEO is increase keyword density in your website content. But if you increase keyword density in your content with without any cause then it’s sure that you can banned from google.

Use h1 tag more that one :

You can use one time in your each article h1 tag. If you use h1 tag more than one thing you can be got penalty from Google.

Website template has secret linking :

Who has created a website with Joomla or WordPress. They are most of the time use free web template for their website. I will tell for this blogger don’t use free web template because this free web template can be secret link and they free template provider use this link only for getting backlinks. Your website can be got banned from Google for keeping only one backlink in your web template.

Do site linking to a different language than the language of the website :

Your website language is English but you do link building in china or different language website then Google uncle can be fall in confusion and that’s why Google can punish your website.

Website Broken links :

A lot of broken link have on your website then Google algorithm can see your website in a good way then it’s the result can be penalty.

Don’t have any external link or have too much external link :

If a lot of external link have on your website then it can be getting better position in Google. In this same way if don’t have any external link in your site than can be banned from Google.

Keep secret link in third party service :

We see different type of services like clock, visitor counter, weather report in many websites. That way have another website link. For this link can be risky and your web site can be got penalty.

Paid link of high PR website :

We know that if we do back link with high PR web site our web site every page will be indexed easily in Google. Someone paid for getting backlink from this high PR website. Google doesn’t cache this type of paid back link. For this paid link your website can be got banned from Google.

Dollar exchanges link :

We got spam mail in our mail Inbox. This meal we got more offer to link building. Who are getting their services they got banned from Google.

Doing lots of links in a few times:

If you do lots of backlinks so fast then Google will see your website in the worse eye. Doing that type of SEO you can be getting banned from Google.

New Domain :

If you create a new website and before publishing content you started to do so then your website can get banned.

Affiliation Site :

Many times we saw some type of affiliation especially who has worked with live streaming that website if we see then we can understand that this website made only for submitting an affiliation link. This website obviously will get banned.

Changes to Google Algorithm :

If you cannot update on your website with the changes of Google algorithm then your website can be got banned from Google.

Finally I will say who is thinking that link building is the main way to do SEO they should be careful. You can do guest blogging and that way you can get a lot of backlinks easily.


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