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Increase Fan Page Engagement With Facebook Games

Increase Fan Page Engagement With Facebook Games

Increase Fan Page Engagement With Facebook Games

Brand reach is very important for a business organization that is running an advertising campaign. When you wanted to increase your brand reach, you should lookout for the ways to increase fan page engagement which ultimately increases your brand reach among the Facebook users. One best way to increase your fan page engagement is to take the help of Face book games. On reading the post, you will understand how to use Facebook games to increase fan page engagement.

Increase Fan Page Engagement With Facebook Games

Increase Fan Page Engagement With Facebook Games

Fan photo of the week

With this marketing strategy, you can easily get the people interested in your fan page. They will love to see their images in the lights when they win Facebook photo of the week contest. All you have to do is ask your fans to submit their photos based on the themes you choose and select the winner by judging the photos. You can share the photo of the winner on your cover page or status update. As the fan is excited to see his/her picture in the light, they share the excitement with the friends and your page goes into their news feed introducing your brand to the new customers.

Fan photo showdowns

Like the fan photo of the week fan photo showdown also asks their fans to submit their photos. The difference here is that the voting for the winner is done by other fans and friends. After the final short listing of the themed photos, fans and friends will have weeks time to vote and decide the winner.

Leader boards

You can motivate fans to participate in the contest or the games by incorporating leadership boards. These lead boards show the entire group where a team or a person is positioned in the game/ contest. As the people are motivated to showcase their talent to the group, they will be interested to participate in the contest or game on the page.

Addictive single player games

This is another wonderful option to create fan page engagement with a Facebook page. When the fans are addicted to the single addictive game on the Facebook page, they will come back to your page to play the game. Build your Face book page game that is easy to play yet challenging enough to hold fans’ interest. To cultivate interest in the players, you can develop multiple levels that are progressively challenging. You can even plan to offer monetary benefits to the players of the game such as level related discounts or brand related prizes.

Socially shared games

You can increase your brand exposure with fan page engagement with socially shared games as well. Fans who wanted to test their skill against the other players will be interested in these kinds of games. In these socially shared games, you can compete with anybody in the world. In these types of games, the players will have right to be a champion among his group, so he will come back to check for the leader board and try to top score in the game.


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