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How to use Facebook to Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog

How to use Facebook to Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog

How to use Facebook to Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog

How to use Facebook to Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog

Now a day it is true that Social Networking site is the best way and the best medium to increase blog traffic among them Facebook is one most popular networking sites. The user of Facebook is increasing day by day everywhere in the world people used Facebook to communicate with his/her friends, to get some important news, to get more than by only using Facebook. It is so difficult to find out an educated people don’t have a Facebook account. So, That’s why I’m telling you how much traffic you can get to your blog only knowing better using Facebook. To get huge traffic from Facebook you have to work hard and you have to such knowledge about Facebook.

How to use Facebook to Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog

How to use Facebook to Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog


1. Open a Facebook Fan page
To get huge traffic from Facebook first you have to create a Facebook account then your blog’s Fan page. Creating a Facebook fan page on Facebook it’s too easy. Go to www.facebook .com and open an account by using your real information. Then create a Facebook Fan page from Create a page on Facebook. Facebook fan page name must have to same with your blog name. Use your logo for your page profile picture and use an attractive timeline cover in your page. Write some information in the Description section about your page. You can also add your website address in this description. Select a proper category for your page.

2. Invite your friends and try to increase your page likes.
When you will complete the page creation then invite all your fb friends to like your page. Increasing your page likes it is the main thing to get huge traffic from Facebook. If you have a lot of like in your page then when you will publish a post on your page then who likes your page they will get updates on your page.

Every popular site’s have a fan page on Facebook with a lot of likes and only through this they are getting a lot of visitors. So, try to increase your page like. You can increase your page like by sharing your post. You can also buy Facebook likes or use this to increase Facebook likes and or to share your Facebook post in some Facebook id.

You can use Facebook like box on your blog to increase Facebook likes.

3. Published your blog post on your Fan page
When you will write an article for your blog and when will you publish it then first also publish this link with some information it in your Fan page. If you are user of WordPress then you will get a lot of social sharing plugin like share bar, add this with this plugin you can share your post easily in your page. When you will share a post on your page try upload an attractive image and also some description about your page then below this description use your post link to invite read the full article.

4. Keep upgrading your fan page regularly
This is a really big fact to keep upgrade fan page regularly. You can keep upgrading your page by publishing your blog post or other interesting information, funny images, or some knowledgeable things. Visit your fan page regularly to see this situation on the page which types of post people like most next Try to create that’s a type of for your blog.


5. Create a Group relate your blog.
Create a group and invite your friends to join this group. In this group discusses about some new thing than to know more this thing share your blog post which is related your discussion. Try to increase your group member because when you will start a discussion in your group that time every group’s member will get notification by this way you will get more traffic to your blog.

Join others group which is related to your site then join discussion with this group member and also invite this group member to read your blog article to get more knowledge about this discussion.

6. Increase your friend list
Try to make more friend in your fb account. If you have more friend then you can invite all of your friends to like your page if they are interested in your page. Every blogger know about the visitor of the USA so try to make friendship with USA people to get USA visitor.

Follow this all things to get huge traffic from Facebook to your blog. Don’t try to do more thing which is out of Facebook rules. Try to keep far from spamming and also spammer.


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