How to Speed Up Load Time of Your WordPress Blog

How to Speed Up Load Time of Your WordPress Blog

How to Speed Up Load Time of Your WordPress Blog

Google loves the sites where load time is fast. Although WordPress is a great blogging platform, but it is also a fact that its load time is higher than any Blogger blog or any static HTML site. The load time gets the worst when it is configured improperly. A few months back, when I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, my blog’s load time was too bad that wasn’t good for my blog’s performance in SERPs. I then tried out several tricks by reading recommendations from experienced persons and at last, I succeeded in improving my blog’s load time considerably. Today I am going to share some tips with you which will help you out in improving the load time at your blog.

How to Speed Up Load Time of Your WordPress Blog

How to Speed Up Load Time of Your WordPress Blog

These tips are common, yet effective. Most WordPress users either ignore these factors or they don’t know about how they impact the load time of their blog. So after learning and applying below tips, you will be able to improve your blog’s load time greatly and it will improve your blog’s ranking in SERPs in turn.

Choose a Light Theme: The first and most important approach to ensure that your blog loads faster is choosing a light theme. On the web, there are a lot of themes available for WordPress, but all aren’t perfect. You need to choose a theme where scripts, including JavaScripts and CSS are few and the theme is simple and clean. Don’t look for beauty. Some themes look beautiful to eyes, but they contain a lot of scripts which negatively impact your blog’s load time.

When a theme contains different sliders, popups, news tickers and other widgets on it, the scripts are also more in number there. The more scripts are there, it takes longer for a browser to download these scripts and thus your WordPress powered blog’s load time goes up dramatically. Always remember that your visitors visit your blog for information, not for viewing beauty. So choose a simple and light theme to ensure that your blog’s load time is fast.

how to speed up wordpress site load time

Hosting: Performance of your host’s servers also impacts the load time. When I moved to WordPress from Blogger, I chose HostGator because it is the most affordable and stable shared host where resources allocated for accounts are the best among all other shared hosts. But during the last few months, my blog traffic improved greatly and HostGator’s shared hosting failed to cope with the demand. To improve the load time, I upgraded my hosting to VPS.

So while choosing hosting for your blog, first do a thorough research and see what users are saying about the host. Then purchase the hosting. A crappy host will end up in the worst load time and uptime for your blog.

Optimize Images: I am still unable to fix the issues with images on my blog. In the beginning, I was unaware about image optimizing and uploaded larger images. Images on your blog must be optimized, i.e. Must be by smaller resolution and must be in the web-recommended format like GIF. Remember that images eat a lot of bandwidth and they put a great load on your server.

Use a Caching Plugin: Caching plugins improve the load time of your blog up to a great extent, so you must install and a use caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. These plugins compress JavaScript and CSS too and they ensure that the browser downloads your blog quickly.

W3 Total Cache is more effective than WP Super Cache but it sometimes breaks the CSS. If it alters the look of your blog, deactivate it, uninstall it and use WP Super Cache instead.

Install WP This is a great plugin which optimizes images on your blog. The plugin is extremely simple to use. Just install and activate it. It doesn’t have any settings and starts working immediately. WP will optimize images upon uploading.

Install WP Optimize: This plugin optimizes the database of your blog and keeps it neat and tidy. In addition, it optimizes the tables to and results in quick delivery of posts and other content from the database. Install WP Optimize from WordPress plugin directory here.


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