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How to Set Up a Blog

How to Set Up a Blog

How to Set Up a Blog

How to Set Up a Blog. If this is your first blog, then I would recommend using a host that you have heard of before.  Some blogging hosts are a lot easier to use than others.  Let’s go through the essential first steps to setting up a blog.  You will probably still have questions after we are done, but you should be on your way to getting things done.

First, you will need to come up with your blog name.  When I was designing the name of my first blog, I felt a lot more pressure than I should have.  I wanted it to be a lot cleverer than it needed to be.  Your blog name just needs to get the point across.  If it’s catchy too, then that’s great.  Essentially, it just needs to be practical.

How to Set Up a Blog

How to Set Up a Blog

Next, you will need to choose a color scheme.  Now, if you are using one of the better known blogging hosts, they will let you choose from a pallet of different schemes.  It is essential that you choose a color that fits your blog.  For instance, if you are starting a blog about baby names, then pink a light blue would probably be a good color choice.  If you were starting a Halloween blog, then orange and black might be good colors.  You should always choose colors that will assist your blog and not ones that will confuse the reader.

Most blogging Web sites will require you to enter an email address.  Make sure you use a legitimate email address.  You will want to keep up to date on what the hosting site will send you.  They will send you comments that people make on your articles.  They will send you updates about the site.  You will need to be in the loop on these things.

After you’ve picked your blog name, the color scheme, and you are sure your email is linked to the blog, you will be ready to write your first entry.  Your first entry is very important.  You will want to establish your credibility right off the bat.  Don’t bother writing anything about how this is your first time being a blogger.  People don’t want to hear that.  Show a little confidence.

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