A Total Guide To Increase Website Traffic And Page Rank

A Total Guide To Increase Website Traffic And Page Rank

A Total Guide To Increase Website Traffic And Page Rank

Today I just passed my time to write in a guest blogging website about how to increase website traffic and page rank. And I think every blogger should write unique articles two or three in a week and published it in a guest blogging website.

I think most of the people of internet user has blog or website. A lot of traffic will become in our blog we want that. For increasing blog traffic and get good rank we do so. Today I will give you some tips. If you used on my tips then you can easily get more traffic and rank. Lets start from beginning.

Key-Word Selection: If you want to get better and more traffic from search engines, then first you need to choose a quality full key-word. Which keyword you have to choose that key-work searched a month a lot of time and also have low competition. The domain name you have to choose for your site by depend on keyword even you have to write your website title on base of key-word. To find out a qualityful key-word you can use Google Key word tool. This is the best method to increase website traffic and page rank.

You have to choose a key-work in this way.

  • Which keyword you should choose that search in several time in search engines.
  • Which keyword has low competition but it has huge search in search engines.
A Total Guide To Increase Website Traffic And Page Rank

A Total Guide To Increase Website Traffic And Page Rank

I think you would like to do, find out some qualityful keyword on above tips.

Domain Name : Now you have to buy a domain name on which keyword you choose. That means your domain name must be similar to your keyword. Like if you chose a keyword that tips of SEO then you chased a domain name like SEO help, so guidelines, SEO tips etc. You chose SEO tips then you have to put so into your domain name. If your keyword have into your domain name, then it’s too easy to bring your website on the first page of search engine. So, that’s why all time try to put your chasuble keyword in the domain name.

If you want to create a blog then you should choose WordPress platform : If you thought that you will make a website then I suggest you choose WordPress ( CMS ) and it is the best platform to build up a website. You can create a quality full SEO friendly website by using WordPress. You also get more theme and plug-in in WordPress by using this plug-in and then you can easily create a dynamic website. You have a little knowledge about coding, but if you used WordPress then with your little knowledge of coding you can create a good looking website easily.

Make your website SEO friendly : If you have a good looking website but your website is not SEO friendly then it’s too difficult to get a better rank in search engine. Some tips on making a website SEO friendly.

How to choose a title : Which keyword you chose on these keywords you should write your title. Keep your main keyword of your website in the title. No need to write long title. You should write the title by keeping familiar with your category.

Homepage keyword : Used your keyword in your website homepage into some text. Generally, you can use your keyword in the footer. You can also use your keyword in footer credit link.

About the website : Some time you have to write a description about your blog or website for on page SEO. Then write a 150 word article about your website and put your keyword into the description.

Take action to social bookmarking : The social networking websites are the best way to get huge traffic in your blog. If you used in a proper way then you can also get a lot of visitors to your site. You can use like box on your website. To get traffic from social networking site some pages on Facebook, create a circle in google plus, tweet your post in twitter etc.

Write SEO friendly article : Article is the life of every blog. If you have qualityful, unique article on your website then it’s too easy to get more traffic and rank. Try to write big unique article. You should write articles without grammatical error and word spelling error. You can also check your article before publish by using that website SEO tool If you publish the wrong article or copy article then you have no benefit and it’s also harmful for your website.

Make images SEO friendly: When you will use images in your blog then try to write this image name and use All Tag. You can get more traffic form images search. For that you should do that type of small works properly.

Sitemap: Make a sitemap of your website or blog and submit it in webmaster tool. For that you used Google XMl Sitemap.

Design your website : Your blog has two simple designs but it’s having two good looking then a new visitor can easily find out his needed article. You should not use others slider which makes your website slow. If you are fast loading website then visitor enjoys it and they never feel boring to visit your site.

Do blog comment : If you want to get quality backlink then do comment in relevant website. For that first find out some top PR website site event with your site. In a day you should have a target that minimum 15 comment you will be approve in the top or website. It’s enough 15 comments in a day to increase website traffic and page rank.

Social Bookmark : Published your website post daily on a social bookmarking website. In a day minimum 25 post published in a social site. Every day, try to publish in the top peer social website. Chooses 30 social bookmarking website who has top pair. You have chosen minimum 5 per website for publishing your blog post to increase website traffic and page rank.

Forum linkbuilding : Goolge corset forum link. You can get some qualityful dofollow backlink from the forum. That helps you to get more traffic. For that work find out some top PR forum site from google and try to publish your website link on these sites.

Guest Blogging : You can get lots of traffic by guest blogging. Find out some blog who gives you permission for guest blogging. Find out that type of guest blogging website which is similar to your site. In a day for only one guest blogging you can get more traffic. Which blog has a lot of traffic and qualityful post choose that type of website for guest blogging increase website traffic and page rank.


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