Picking up Perfect Curtain Fabric

A curtain can change the simple room into an extraordinary one, but for this you have to choose the correct curtain for your room. As it is an important part of home making, you have to know the right way of choosing perfect curtain fabric and drapes for your home. By the right selection of curtains you can make your place an attractive one.

Color of curtains

Before selecting curtains for your room, you have to be aware about the colour of your wall and furniture. You have to make a perfect combination among your curtains, wall color and furniture, and the perfect combination of all can give a perfect look for your room. You cannot ignore the color combination of other elements of your room. If your curtain does not match with the color, furniture, floor color, kitchen, dining room of your room, it will look out of place.

Diaphanous curtain


You can choose diaphanous curtain with warm colours like orange, brown, yellow etc. for your east, west north oriented room. That will give your room a perfect look.

East open room

If your room is opened from east with long windows, you must choose long curtains made with heavy fabrics, which will protect your room from excessive sun rays. And for that type of curtain you can go for grey, blue or green colour. Sometimes sunrays come in east open rooms and fade the color of your carpet or floor, so you have to go with heavy curtain fabric or drapes. Do not go for white or light colored curtains for your east open rooms because it allows sunrays into your room.

Perfect style

At first, you need to think about the style of your room, then select your curtains according to your style. You don’t need to follow trend always, choose your curtains according to your style.

Curtains for shady or sunny rooms

If your room is a shady and you want to get it lighter, you can use light colored curtains which will allow lights into your room. But if you want to keep yourself in a perfectly shady way then use heavy curtain to get the perfect shady look. For a sunny room you can use the same process, use light curtain for getting lights and heavy curtain for rejecting lights.

Bathroom curtains

You will find two types of curtain for bathroom, one kind is used to keep the bathroom safe from looking in and the other is for opaque window. You can use both half or full curtains for your bathroom, as you need. But keep in mind that a bathroom curtain generally is white or cream in colour, but there are certain conditions too.

Curtain for dining room

First you have to think about the style of your dining place, many people use their kitchen rooms for eating place, many use their dining room for eating too. In both the cases you have to think about the decoration of your place.

Curtain for kitchen  

Kitchen should get a curtain that does not absorb the smoke and vapour of food, and then you have to use such fabrics.

So, keep your style, decoration, furniture and the environment in mind for selecting right curtain, and make your room a perfect welcoming place.

How To Pick The Perfect Curtain Fabric

People use curtains for a variety of reasons. To add privacy to their home, as a decorative accent, even to keep out the sun and heat. Since blinds can have a very bland look you can completely make over a room with the addition of a few well placed curtains. Picking out the curtain fabric can seem like an overwhelming choice to make but it does not have to be so difficult.

The Best Fabric for Curtains

There is no one perfect fabric for all curtains. Almost any fabric available can be used as long as the function of a curtain is fulfilled. You can use lace for a lighter more delicate look for your curtains. For darker looks you can choose jacquard, which is a very thick fabric. Some fabrics are transparent, perfect for letting the sun into a room. While others are extremely opaque which are great when privacy is what you are looking for. In order to pick the best fabric for you, you will need to take a few things into consideration. Like taking a look at the placement of the window. Deciding what function you want the curtain to perform. Then determining which fabric will perform that function the best.


The Perfect Curtain Fabrics for Different Rooms

If you pick curtains that don’t fit the room they are placed in they can end up looking out of place and throwing the entire look of the room off. For rooms that get a lot of sun curtains that let the sun in while still providing privacy are the best options. They should be light and airy like lace as well as sheer. For rooms that are meant to be dark a heavy curtain should be used that resists letting light in. If you want to let in what little bit of light reaches that room you can use a thinner fabric. If you are buying curtain fabric for your bedroom the most common used fabric is blackout fabric. This provides the most privacy to the rooms’ occupants.

It is not very hard to pick the perfect curtain fabric for your home. If you pick out your curtains and get home and find that they are not long enough or clash with your room décor don’t worry. Remember that you can easily go out and change them. With endless colors, patterns and styles there is a wide variety of fabrics suitable for every need.

Make A Comfortable Style Statement With Bean Filled Pouffes

Your house is the place to relax where you can shed all you tiredness. But as you return to your house after a long day’s work you will definitely wish to have a comfortable place where you can stretch out to flush out all the tiredness of the day. Do you remember the old days when your grandma used to prepare the cushion cover to give the warmth and love after a hard day? The tradition is returning in the most modern way. In this time of space crunch it is becoming difficult to manage space for large size of comfy sofas that will be relaxing. The evolution is to adopt the trendy and modern way of relaxing still beholding the traditional form. This is done by the comfortable bean bags. These bags are available at different sizes and designs.

  • Bean bag and comfort

This is the latest thing that will add to your furnishing of the house. This easy furnishing is easy to carry. It does not take lot of space and a single bag will serve the purpose of sitting comfortably at the house. Just imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon and its raining outside. Take the comfortable oversized bean bag at the balcony. A sip in the coffee and you are flipping the pages of your favourite novel. You won’t mind if you wake up a suddenly after a quick nap. The ambience and the comfort of the beanbag have taken you into the world of dreams.


  • Poufs

Bean filled pouffes are for the comfort and are very much utilitarian. It is versatile and will get at any place that you want to put. There are fashionable covers of the pouf. This will work as the tool for your friends or just the foot stand in a relaxing day.

There are kneaded bean bags that will add that extra comfort you want. It is much more than the armchair and a little less than the fluffy bed. In winter season the hand woven covers of cotton on the bean bags will be comforting you. There are different textures of bean bags that are to be chosen according to the requirement of the user.

The varieties according to the need of your room

The bean bags and the poufs come in different colors. The best thing about these sitting arrangements is that it will be loved by all. You do not need to think of a space that is being covered by the sofas. In case any guests come to your house you will not have the hassle to remove the heavy sofa. You just have to remove the bags from one place to other and your living room will be ready to be a dance floor. The colours are all attractive. The varieties in designs are available online. One can easily go to the reputed online stores selling household decor items and chose favourite colours according to the decor of the room. At times if you are living in an old apartment and you need to add some colours in it, or you do not have much budget to invest in a good sofa set then you can try adding these bean filled pouffes and bean bags and this will be perfect for ultimate comfort.

Durable Cushion Covers Can Make Furniture Last Almost Forever

Getting your furniture covered is an important task if you have the need to make it durable. The covers are not only for the purpose of making your furniture look good but also serve the purpose of making the furniture durable. The furniture like the sofa and the bed often has the cushion. The cushion improves the looks of the sofa. The colourful cushion covers add a sense of style in the room decor. The room decor is thus influenced somewhat by beautiful cushion cover. The cushions also add comfort to the existing furniture. You might have a tool at your home which might look drab. But you can change its looks by putting a fluffy and gorgeous looking cushion with a beautiful cover that matches with the decor of your room.

Fabric of the cushion cover

There are different fabrics and materials used to make the different cushion covers. There is a smooth texture of fabrics that gives different parameters to the durability of the cover. The fabric and material depends on how much smooth will be your cover. It also influences the durability quotient and tear resistance factor of the cover. Few fabrics are there that add to the classic element of cushion cover. Cotton is a popular choice as it is soft. The cleaning of covers is also not a problem in case you use cotton. Cottons are durable and have many other added advantages. Polyester is also durable. Some covers are made of velvet and chenille that looks luxurious and often used in hotel rooms to welcome the guests and give them a royal feeling.


On cotton and silk covers there are embroideries made that look attractive. Other than the embroideries, there are printed covers too. One can also try personalising the covers printing photos of own choice. Other than this there are plain dyed covers, baltik and flocked cushion cover.


There are covers of many different types that have the ability to add style to your furnishing through cushions. Jacquard covers have intricate pattern. If there is a basic colour in the sofa covers you can use these decorative covers that will make the look of sofa cool and interesting. Another type is twill cushion cover. In these types of covers there are different forms of lines. The horizontal and vertical lines form different shapes on covers. There are different decorative covers for different types of rooms. The bedroom needs something extra comfortable and soothing while the drawing room needs something attractive and luxurious. The rooms of the children need such covers that will be durable after repeated cleanings.

Cushion covers have the ability to add elegance and beauty to drab cushions of your sofas and bedroom. Homeowners have several choices to decorate the rooms with different forms of decorative items. One of them is decorative and attractive covers. Some love to add something classic and some love it in the contemporary style. Thus, the online shops of cushion cover are designing covers for satiating the needs of all.

There’s More to Interior Design than Colour

Are you planning to refurbish your old house or decorate your new house? You should give more attention to the interior design than the colour of walls. Those days are gone when you could have boasted of a wonderful house with pretty shades of colours and sparse furnishings. Interior decoration in today’s times is not limited only to the shades on the wall but also to the furnishings all round the house from furniture to pillow covers and the tapestries hanging on the wall. The colour on the walls undoubtedly renders a character to your rooms but it is not enough to complete the interior design.

Ideas on interior designing


  • Come out of the colour code: The best way to revamp your house is by coming out of the colour code so that it does not look monotonous. You can play with colours when it comes to the soft furnishings in your house like cushion covers, carpets, curtains, etc. You do not have to mix and match the colours of the soft furnishings rather than soft furnishings should complement with the furniture in your rooms.
  • Less is more: Interior decoration does not means that you will have to stuff all the rooms of your house with furniture, upholsteries, soft furnishings and other show pieces. You can go but the formula of less is more by keeping the decoration to minimal but not sparse. You do not need to cover all the walls of room with paintings, wall hangings or tapestries; you just need to synchronize it with the room.
  • Complement the furnishings: If the furniture in a particular room is more then try not to over-stuff it with detailed use of soft furnishings or other decorative items so that the room looks more spacious. If the furniture in house is sparse, you can use more detailed soft furnishings, adorn the walls with tapestries and paintings, and fill up the racks with decorative items to make the room look more compact but airy.
  • Flower power: Little to large flower vases can add a pretty element in your house. You can make use of real flowers or artificial flowers to adorn the living room or the bed rooms. A flower vase at the corner of a room can attract the attention and will make even the nooks and corners of your house beautiful. You can also opt for the floral designs in the soft furnishings to add a refreshing element.
  • Go green: You do not have to paint your house green or in shades of green. You can opt for the indoor plants to ornate the alleys, the balcony or the living room of your house. A little indoor plant in the window of your kitchen will give it a refreshing look.

To conclude

These ideas on interior designing will give you a concise and clear idea about how you can use the furnishings and revamp your house by thinking beyond the shades of colours.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas, From Classic To Crazy

After a long tiring day out, when you get back home, utterly exhausted with a gloomy face almost down in the mouth, what could be the best place to relax? Definitely it’s your bedroom. Hence, owning a well decorated bedroom is must if you want to feel the divine peace at your own place. The classic furniture ideas are always good, but sometimes the same classic designs, the old age vintage bed, lamp shades, bed side table etc. fill the air with acute monotony.

The vintage furniture though looks good if you are staying in an old playhouse, but if you have moved to a new apartment recently, and have found it completely out of the box for its unique designation, then you should better compliment such trendy look by being a little creative with its interior. Since bedroom is the ultimate relaxation zone at your entire apartment, you have got to be more humble with its interior. Hence, instead of the old age decorating ideas you should better incline for the new age interior designing that will reflect your artistic persona as well as make you to boast about your bedroom decorating ideas.

Get ideas


The most common problem that almost all suffer from, standing in this modern century, is that they have got to deal with a very little specious room. Hence, they don’t even get the opportunity to deck it out with the gigantic, vintage furniture. So, you should better learn how to do up your bedroom with the modern age, trendy and very unique upholstery items that will give your room a completely new look. It will not be a difficult issue for you to deck out your bedroom with the creative concepts if you possess an artistic persona inside you. But, if you are not, then you must find out a trustworthy resource of bedroom decorating ideas that will act as the guiding star and end up the job of decorating bedroom with elegance.

Go crazy

When maximum time in an entire day you stay at your office, going by the formal dress coding rule and surrounded by the ultra serious surrounding, very naturally you will looking for more fun at your own place which will help you to purge out your stress. Hence you need to bag some amazing and beautiful, fun furniture or upholstery items that will get you back to your teen hood again!

Dump the vintage items and embrace the trendy staffs

If you visit the shops you will get to see a million of new and trendy furniture which will definitely make you go gaga over your new buys. But if visiting the shops one by one is a little difficulty for you then you can blindly rely on the online shopping sites which will bring your favorite upholstery items at your door step within a very few moments. Hence, you can order different types of bean bags, bean cubes, the modern lampshades, the flashy colored curtains or wall hanging portraits etc. over the internet. These new staffs altogether will give your bedroom an innovative touch that you could have hardly imagined about.


You better buckle up yourself right now and start making out plans to remodel your bedroom.